Monday, 30 January 2012

Garden watching in Scotland

I haven't been out with the camera for quite a while  -just too much to do, but now I have a week off and we are at the cottage in Scotland. Sunday's drive up was cold and wet, and when we arrived there was nothing in the garden to speak of- most unusual.  I topped up the feeders and by Monday morning the chaffinches were telegraphing the presence of the food and the usual suspects started to appear.
Monday was pretty cold - clear, bright with a snell breeze to keep you on your toes. We had to wait in for the telephone engineer so planned to spend the day gardening, pruning the bushes that were a bit neglected during last year's building works.

When I stopped for a cuppa the buzzards appeared along the valley behind the cottage - hunting along the Luce valley, accompanied by flocks of gulls that use the valley as a shortcut from Loch Ryan to Luce Bay.
The treat of the afternoon however was the arrival of a goldcrest in the bushes along the road - perpetual motion all around the house scouring the shrubs for food. It was so active and secretive it was a nightmare to photograph - especially through dirty sunlit windows ;-)  I grabbed a mediocre shot - just enough to record the bird before it moved on. hopefully it is resident - thanks to my iPhone app iChirp, I think I have identified the puzzling calls I'd heard this morning as goldcrests, so maybe I'll see them tomorrow.
Just before I put the camera away, I was treated to a clear view of the timid dunnock - it finally shot out from the bushes to grab a meal and I got a view of its plumage - a seemingly drab little brown bird turns out to have beautiful colouring when you look closely.

Any way, window washing was the order of the afternoon along with a visit from the long awaited BT engineer - hopefully tomorrow's birds will be easier to capture and definitely easier to post online!  However if the weather holds we'll be out for a walk - maybe to see if the dippers are in residence in the river ... the garden birds may have to wait.


  1. Well done with the Goldcrest; they don't keep still for long. I imagine you'll be in for a treat with the birds there.

  2. Marilyn, It looks like you've got plenty of birdlife around you there in Bonnie Scotland to keep both you and your camera fully occupied!...Good luck with the Dippers!...[;o)