Sunday, 15 January 2012

Great Linford, Sunday afternoon

As I volunteered to drop Sarah's friend off in Newport Pagnall while out the the supermarket, I thought I'd stop for a quick walk with Sarah  at the Hanson Centre,  Great Linford.
The first hide revealed that the near banks were off limits to the wildlife courtesy of extensive ice, so there was nothing close enough to photograph but across the lake we were treated to a distant view of a great egret. A large number of mute swans were scattered across the lake - I counted at least 60, both adults and juveniles.
We moved on the the woodland hide where I had a small quantity of food to put in the feeders. It wasn't ideal for photographs as we were looking into the sun, but we managed to see a marsh tit among the many robins, tits, chaffinches, and blackbird. Sarah had a go with the camera and captured the dunnock with the frazzled tail feathers.
Then from under a log pile a number of voles began to scurry in and out  picking up grain.

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